Friday, April 12, 2013

My favorite boy...

Hey there,

I always make "girly" pages. But this time I want to focus on my youngest son, Josh.

Josh is 5 years old and has the sweetest smile. If I'm in a bad mood all I need to see is see him smile and my worries fly away, well at least momentarily. He has this twinkle in his eyes that I hope and wish will never go away..

So here is my little man...Joshie..

Thanks for stopping by..I hope you are doing well..

Have a great weekend!


  1. Wowwww,terrific layouts,I adore this beautiful photos and the details are gorgeous^_^

  2. Love them both...& the top 'boy' one has my heart...the colours, the design, the way he really, really stands out [gorgeous smile he has:):)]...& that bit of washi...just total should do more like this, Marivic....really lovely work!!!

  3. Both are gorgeous and what beautiful smiles Marivic, no wonder your worries fly out the window when you see the smiles, so cute.

  4. Great layout! I feel the same way about my boys, but particularly the middle on. He's 6 and has the biggest brown eyes and a smile that melts my heart! Great layouts!

  5. Wow, beautiful layouts! So very happy and colourful!


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