Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Something easy and very tasty to make....Chocolatey too!!

I want to share with you a recipe that is oh so simple and easy to make. It is also good for you and will satisfy your chocolate craving. I saw this recipe at cooking channel so I thought I'd give it a go.

First you need to get your favorite trail mix. I love the combination of fruity, salty, and sweet. You can get this at your local grocery store or health store.

This has mixture of nuts (peanuts and almonds), dried cranberries, raisins, yogurt covered you can go crazy with this mix.

I used a parchment paper to cover my cookie sheet for easy clean up.

Get your favorite brand of chocolate chips..Mine is Guittard!

I melted mine in the microwave. Make sure you follow the directions on the back of the bag. I melted on the microwave on 50% power. 30 seconds increments until you get the right consistency.

Pour melted chocolate to your trail mix.

Now if you have a kid that loves chocolate, they can help you clean clean up the bowl.

Use a spatula to spread the chocolate. If you want you can still add white chocolate chips or mini marshmallows to the mix..

Let it cool off until it gets hard. I waited an hour.
Break in to pieces.

I hope you try this recipe..Perfect snack for fall and healthy too..

See you soon! 


  1. DOUBLE TRIPLE YUM...anything with chocolate is a winner with me, I must say:):):)

  2. This looks so delicious Marivic, really need to try this recipe out. Your DD looks in her element licking the spoon, so cute.

  3. This looks and sounds sooo yummy!!! Thanks for sharing the recipe. :)


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